Game-Mountain? Who are you guys and what is your mission?

We will explain how we got to the name Game-Mountain another time, but in the meantime, here is a quick overview about us.

We are three board game fans, -nerds, -addicts, or however you want to call it, who try to meet as often as possible to play new and old board games. And since there are more and more of like-minded guys like us out there, we want to share our passion with folks like … you (since you are reading this).

While it would be amazing to have this website to finance new games and maybe even a trip to the next board game convention, the main purpose is to share news, previews, reviews, interviews and other hopefully interesting articles around our hobby. And if you like what you see, please support us by posting comments, follow us on Facebook, get in touch and tell your board games fans about Game-Mountain.

Which leads us to who we actually are:

GM | Andy
GM | Andy

“The Game Mountain”

Board games rock. They provide the perfect blend of fun with friends and family, escapism and a way to simply be yourself. Or a machete-wielding zombie slayer. From my early days of reading Fighting Fantasy with paper, pencil and dice, for me, gaming has developed into something amazing and I hope to share it with as many as possible.
Dice still hate me, though.

Ever the blind optimist in games, taking risks only when unnecessary. He was touched when named, ‘The Chosen One’, but quickly found this meant ‘Cannon Fodder’. First into a room, last carried out.

Luck: -1
Backstabbery: 6
Sportsmanship: 9
Visionary: 7

“Where did that come from?!”


GM | Marc
GM | Marc

“Ze German”

Some people might say I am addicted to board games. I say board games are the perfect hobby to take the speed out of our fast and digital life. Over the past ten years, board games have evolved into a beautiful art and I am still excited about new announcements and would love to buy them all – but unfortunately, the storage space and money pool are limited.

He loves to play games on any platform and dives into digital and analogue adventures alike. Born in Germany, he moved to the UK many moons ago and Brexit will decide what comes next. Despite the fact that he is normal in size, he loves to play friendly dwarfs with big hammers and ideally a pet companion at his side.

Luck: 6
Backstabbery: 3 – 8
Sportsmanship: 7
Visionary: 7

“I could settle in Catan and adventure the next Massive Darkness dungeon.”


GM | Steve
GM | Steve

“The Creative Mind”

I love titles that boast strong or unique artwork, thematic gameplay and a decisive user experience. Wasteland themes are a total must while subdued mechanics will be avoided at all costs! The golden age of board gaming is upon us folks, buckle up…

Born and raised on 80’s cinema, many of the board games within my collection tend to run parallel with my favourite flicks from childhood.

Luck: 5
Backstabbery: 9
Sportsmanship: 5
Visionary: 8

“Check out this awesome artwork!”