Okay, here we go! February is nearly over, time for an updated Top 10 list of my favourite board games of the month. With two new additions, I had to say Good Bye to Mice & Mystics and Pandemic. I am sure they will make it back into the list eventually but at the moment they have to rest at #11 and #12 and if you scroll down, you will see what games pushed them out of the top charts.


10. Forbidden Island (8)

Forbidden Island

I am always surprised how a few cardboard squares and different coloured meeples can make you feel to be on a sinking island. The game is quick to learn and still has some good amount of depth to be back on the table frequently. A great family game for young (7+) and older players alike.


9. Massive Darkness (7)

Massive Darkness

I was so excited when I backed Massive Darkness in 2016 and was hoping for a true high-fantasy Zombicide with improved level-up system. The latter is unfortunately not as good as I hope it to be, but I still love to sneak through the dark dungeons together with my son and kill monster mobs, agents and huge roaming monsters. As usual for CMON games, the miniatures are awesome!


8. Sagrada (6)


A cardboard window frame and 90 coloured dice is all you need to create one of the most beautiful games of 2017. Read my full review for more details.


7. Castle Panic (5)

Castle Panic

Castle Panic was the first game I bought to play with my son when he was old enough to take the step into modern board games. It still is one of our favourites and usually the first game to show potential new board game fans.


6. Snowblind: Race for the Pole (4)

Snowblind: Race to the Pole

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about this game when Steve mentioned it, but the artwork and tense gameplay pushed it into my top 10 right after the first race to the cardboard pole. Click here for Steve’s full review.


5. Zombicide: Black Plague (3)

Zombicide: Black Plague

I hate Zombies and horror movies/games, but Black Plague is so much fun that I can easily ignore the undead hordes and actually enjoy slaying hundreds of them during just one game. Awesome miniatures, great co-op gameplay and plenty of missions to hours of fun. Find the full review here.


4. Hero Realms (2)

Hero Realms

Hero Realms was our first deck-building game and since we love fantasy artwork, it fit right into the collection. The mechanics are great and every game feels slightly different. The perfect 2-player game, unfortunately not so much fun for our 3-man group.


3. Mythic Battles: Pantheon (new)

Mythic Battles: Pantheon box

Mythic Battles made it straight to #3 after just a few games. The box size and weight represent the fun factor perfectly. The miniatures are the best I have seen so far and battles have been epic. As a lucky owner of the Kickstarter bundle, there are many more hours of fantastic fights still ahead of us – each with different gods, heroes and monsters.


2. Lords of Waterdeep (1)

Lords of Waterdeep

The perfect mix of strategy and role-playing game! Have a look at my review for some more details and why I love this game so much.


1. Dominion (new)

Dominion box

I finally bought my own copy of Dominion and the father (or is it mother?) of deck-building games made it straight to the pole position of my top 10 games. Every game so far felt completely different and with the base game alone, you can try so many different combinations and strategies. The manual looks a little bit like a website in the early 2000 with plenty of strange colours and animated gifs, and the card artwork still isn’t my favourite, but the mechanics and gameplay are brilliant!


That’s it, my February 2018 top 10 board games. Let me know what you think and share some thoughts in the comments.


Not on the list yet, but it is only a matter of a few more games:

  • Gloomhaven

On the list to be played (hopefully soon):

  • Mage Knight
  • The 7th Continent
  • Roll Player

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