Top 10 lists are always a tricky one. Ranking games of different genres are difficult and it also depends on the group you are playing with. When I play with Andy and Steve, I like the heavier and longer games and when playing with the family, shorter and more fun games are ranking on top. But let’s give it a try and list the current Top 10 games I would play at any time and recommend to friends and fans.


10. Mice & Mystics

9. Pandemic


8. Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

7. Massive Darkness

Massive Darkness

6. Sagrada


5. Castle Panic

Castle Panic

4. Snowblind: Race for the Pole

Snowblind: Race to the Pole

3. Zombicide: Black Plague

Zombicide: Black Plague

2. Hero Realms

Hero Realms

1. Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep

So, that’s it! I think it’s a nice mix of old and new games, different genres and games for pretty much every board game occasion.

But with more exciting games on the horizon and some of which we are already playing, but need a few more sessions to properly rate them, this list is likely to change and adapt. Stay tunes … 🙂


The latest contender to make it into the list are:

  • Gloomhaven
  • Mystic Battles – Pantheon

On the list to be played (soon):

  • Mage Knight
  • The 7th Continent
  • Zombicide: Green Horde

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