The Dark Knight has finally arrived on Kickstarter!

Batman – Gotham City Chronicles, by Monolith Games, has hit Kickstarter like a Bat-a-rang out of hell, achieving over $2 million in its first two days alone. It’s huge, it’s beautiful and it’s everything fans wanted it to be. The whole package is Kickstarter Exclusive and won’t be available in retail.

Using extremely well received elements of the Conan board game, players take control of heroes including Batman (of course!), Catwoman, Huntress, Robin, Nightwing and Commissioner Gordon, as well as Gotham’s finest – the GCPD. One player will take the role of the delightfully wicked villains – Joker, Bane, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn….the list goes on.

Monolith have delved deep into the Dark Knight’s mythos, and no doubt there will be quotes a-plenty and obligatory, ‘who was the best Batman / Joker’ debates by the boardside. (For me, Keaton / Ledger… just putting it out there). Have to say the miniatures look stunning, and for those dedicated to the brush, painting them will be a joy.

The double-sided playing boards lavishly evoke the dangerous city streets and hideaways of Gotham, with Monolith opting for the darker feel as opposed to the lighter ’60s series. The hero boards are impressive and the equipment cards are held on utility belt holders – a nice touch. The artwork is stunning and the play-through videos on the KS campaign show gameplay as quick and pretty free-form (actions between heroes can be mixed up, rather than one player at a time).

The Kickstarter minimum pledge is £101, which gets you the heroes and villains base sets, or you might opt for the full backing at a whopping £232. Parting with this Bruce Wayne-esque spare change will get you every expansion – Wayne Manor, Arkham Asylum, 1vs1 skirmish rules and, oh my, the Batmobile itself! Expansions can be bought separately with the lower pledge, however.

Batman – Gotham City Chronicles is on Kickstarter until 31st March.

“Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s going to back the big black Bat?….”


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