The city is hot today and it feels like the night will be sweltering when the call comes in. Jump in the car, check the hair, hit the blues and twos and race to the scene of the crime. Ever wanted to be a cop, fighting against organised crime, robbers and killers? Now is the chance with Brook City, by Blacklist Games.

Created by Adam and Brady Sadler, the game is inspired by cop shows and movies going back as far as the glory days of the 80s. Tough streets, sleaze, sports cars and just getting things done, dammit! It’s the job. There’s also more than a hint of the classic GTA Vice City console game at first glance.

Players take on the role of BCPD cops, fighting against a wave of crime in this co-op game. The crimes and bad guys are all mixed in to a modular system, so no two cases are the same. Cops race through the streets to bust crimes and pick up clues in order to nail the big-bad at the end of the line. Cars are upgraded as the game progresses, from standard Police Cruisers to all kinds of awesome. There are boats as well. How cool is that?

The board, displaying the mean streets, cards and miniatures all look superb and Kickstarter stretch goals have already produced lots of goodies (and baddies!).

From the campaign:


In the game, players take on the role of heroic cops inspired by classic action movies and are tasked with protecting the city from the recent rise in criminal activity. Each game is dictated by the chosen criminal deck and case deck. These decks are modular and the different combinations of decks create unique experiences each game.

Cruise by Kickstarter on your donut break and check this game out!

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