Steampunk. There’s something charming and magical amongst the world of clockwork, steam, grime and shining wonderments of bronze, glass and copper.

City of Gears Kickstarter

City of Gears from Grey Fox Games places you in charge of restoring an unfinished and broken down city in a Steampunk world, where players compete to discover and rebuild in a game of area control and development. Board your airship and head to Kickstarter, where this game hit its funding goal in just 23 minutes.

From the campaign:

In City of Gears, you and up to three friends compete to uncover and develop an abandoned, overgrown steampunk metropolis.  Whoever can use their resources and automaton workers to earn the most Prestige when Opening Day comes will go down in history as the founder of the City of Gears.

City of Gears Setup

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