Who doesn’t love a good dungeon crawler? Tooling up a character with weapons, armour and magic, and sending them into a deep and dark underworld, where evil stalks and death or golden gilded glory awaits.

Deck Box Dungeons, by Ariah Studios, offers every ounce of torchlit, dank-walled, trap-filled, growling-in-the-darkness-ahead goodness, but in a great compact, travel-ready package. So many crawlers offer mini-heavy adventures, which is great, but sometimes bag, or car boot-space can be a factor when out on a trip.

The game is 1-2 players initially, increasing up to 4 with an additional set. Don’t be put off by this as the pledge levels won’t burst your magical purse of holding! To add to some excellent looking artwork and components, this game also has an app companion that handles dungeon layout. With the randomness available in terms of quests and encounters, there’s great replayability.

So, sharpen your war axe, power up your lightning staff and break down the Kickstarter door to take a look!

From the campaign:

Deck Box Dungeons is a full featured dungeon crawler that includes character customization, special abilities, and collecting treasure to spend on magical items. All of the components fit into a deck box making it compact and highly portable. The free companion app allows us to rebalance quests based on feedback, add new content, or even add all new game modes without the need for players to pay more.

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