Dinosaur Island was one of the hottest games at the end of last year, and if you managed to get a retail copy you can call yourself lucky.

The great Kickstarter and retail success now inspired publisher Pandasaurus Games to launch a follow-up KS campaign for everybody who felt left out. But they didn’t simply launch a re-print campaign, but offer a full bag on new dinosaur DNA goodness in form of – Dinosaur Island X-treme Edition, Totally Liquid Expansion and Duelosaur Island, a 2 player game!

Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid
Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid

About the campaign:

Dinosaur Island is the product of an insanely successful Kickstarter last Spring. We were lucky to have the backing of over 6,000 awesome fans worldwide. We released the retail edition in late 2017 and then something unexpected happened. It sold out instantly and started going for ridiculous prices on the secondary market. Then our backers started raving about the game online. Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower named it one of his top 5 games of 2017 and we were awarded with 4 Golden Geek nominations including strategy game of the year, thematic game of the year, best artwork and presentation and overall game of the year. It’s been a wild ride for Dino Island since it was first unleashed on the world just a few months ago.

Dinosaur Island has been sold out since about the moment it went on sale and we’ve heard the constant calls to make the Kickstarter exclusives from the last campaign available again. And we’ve been listening.

What dinosaur-tastic edition will you go for?

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