Donning the Purple Board Game

“Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”

Power. A stab in the back with a wink and a smile. The Roman Empire evokes the very essence of might, yet within the halls of stone and marble in Rome, games were played as deadly as those brought to the masses in the Colosseum. Corruption and betrayal tore families and friends apart, while bitter enemies were embraced in fleeting moments in what was the original Game of Thrones.

Donning the Purple enables you to lead your family to the very heights of influence in the ancient world, but the biggest challenge is keeping your place in the Emperor’s seat and other positions of imperial government. Seeking glory has never looked such fun. Have a look on Kickstarter, your majesty.

Donning the Purple Layout
Game Layout

From the Campaign:

“Donning the Purple is an asymmetrical king of the hill game with a bit of worker placement. Each player leads a powerful family in ancient Rome, trying to get the most victory points during 4 rounds. If your family member becomes the emperor and manages to hold the position he can earn lots of points. However, he will also become the target of the other players, as they will try to dethrone him and become the new emperor themselves.”

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