I’ve always loved big battle fantasy games on the tabletop. Of course, all can go well until …. a dragon bellyflops onto your best regiment and belches napalm all over your hapless wizard. Game over. New dice please.

Dragon Lords: The Battle of Darion, by Wolflord Games, offers players the role of a fantasy army general, ready to inflict delightful card-based pain and misery upon each other across a table.

The presentation looks incredibly polished for starters. It should, because within Wolflord Games are designers and artists who have worked for Microsoft, Blizzard Entertainment and Sony. That’s pretty good pedigree right there.

Pledges start at £21 for the core set. This is enough for two players to scrap it out with creatures, magic and heroes aplenty. Within the Kickstarter campaign, there is the option to buy small expansions, providing even more units, resources and spells with which to throw righteous suffering at your (former) buddy.

Players can select from the 123 cards available in the core set (with more from expansions). These include fighting units, spells, strategic orders, dragons, knights and monsters. Opposing armies are set up in two lines, with the battlefield between them. Here, units and spells are placed to fight, steal resources and other actions.

Its simple, yet strategic mechanics, offer quick and enjoyable gaming, without too much wizardly beard scratching over complexities and constant rule referencing.

So, wake up your dragon, raise the magical banner and march to Kickstarter now to check this out!

From the Campaign:

Dragon Lords: The Battle of Darion is a skirmish-based card game, in which 2 players build armies and battle head to head. Armies are selected from dragons, knights, monsters, heroes and upgrades, while unique battle dice, Spells and Order cards are used to vanquish your enemy’s army.

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