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Infinitive re-playability, solo- or group play, story mode and at least 5 heroes with a unique level-up system – a promising summary of one of the latest Kickstarter additions, Dungeons of Infinity. Designed by Jack Spoerner, the game will invite board gamers around the globe to explore mysterious dungeons, which will unfold right in front of their eyes. No pre-set setups, more than just a few pre-made quests and the best of all, no dungeon master will be required! This is the second game in just a week, which I am pretty excited about. And while the features sound cool, the bad news is a scheduled release date for March 2019 🙁

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Dungeons of Infinity now on Kickstarter


About the game:

Dungeons of Infinity is a board game for 1-5 players set in a mythical kingdom ruled by King Farnsworth. His land is full of dungeons built in the distant past. He recruits teams of Heroes to delve into the many dungeons to free the land from the evils that lie within.

You enter the unknown dungeon as the hunter. Turn by turn, the dungeon reveals itself to your party. You must adapt your strategy, choose when to forge ahead, or when to step back and regroup. The dungeon can be unforgiving and even in competitive play you might find it necessary to forge alliances to survive. Your team makes noise as they explore. The more noise they make, the more they risk awakening the dark evil that lurks within. Soon you realize that you have become the hunted.

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