Girls just wanna have fun, right? Well, how about being a quirky, brilliant inventor immersed in a world of mad science and wild adventures? This is right where Girl Genius: The Works will put you with a whizz, clank and most probably a bang!Created by James Ernest from the comics by Phil and Kaja Foglio, Cheapass Games’ Girl Genius: The Works is based on the fun antics of gifted ‘spark’ Agatha Heterodyne.  It is a highly portable, strategic card-based game for 2 players or more, where cards are placed, spun and popped together like clockwork. Match them together and the machine produces an effect or even chain reaction. For anyone who likes Steampunk, the artwork and gameplay will have instant appeal – for young and old inventors alike!



Having already smashed its funding goal, the machine is on overdrive. Crank it up and have a look on Kickstarter

From the campaign:

What if everything in the world was a cog in a giant machine? That’s the idea behind Girl Genius: The Works, a unique strategy card game based on the world of Girl Genius.

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