Immortal 8, a new civilization game for 3 – 8 players will launch their Kickstarter campaign on 8th of March at 7 pm GMT. It will be the first game development by Sorry We Are French and initial information and some pretty cool artwork hit the web only a few weeks ago.

Immortal 8 cover art
Immortal 8 cover art (WIP)

From the official website:

In Immortal 8, like in any proper Civilization game, you start with nothing: no resource, no building, nothing at all, except … an Immortal card. Indeed, at the beginning of the game you will be given the unique identity of an Immortal that you will have to keep secret. Your mission is to build the civilization that matches your Immortal requirements. Each Immortal has its own way of scoring which represents a significant part of your final score. As you probably just guessed, the goal of the game is to score the most victory points. (It might not be very original but you get to be an Immortal, and that’s pretty badass don’t you think ?)

The game is played in 2 rounds during which you will have to build and develop your civilization. Throughout the entire game you will be able to play a maximum of 5 cards. Now we know what you might think, playing only 5 cards may not seem much for a development game designed for core-gamers. But don’t you worry, you will discover that a lot of combos and actions are possible thanks to the 36 different Civilization cards!

Immortal 8 card


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