Welcome to Spirel, a beautifully dark and grimy Steampunk world. Gunfighters, femme fatales, villains and heroes are all here within its clockwork machines and twisted schemes. Adventure and peril are never far away – this is Ironrise, a new co-op team vs team game from Ironrise Games up on Kickstarter.

Players act as heroes or villains, battling each other in teams. Manipulation, wagering and asset management all play a part as cards are concealed then revealed in head-to-head challenges.

Characters’ attributes, the areas to be challenged, include ingenuity, evasion, martial and savvy. Cards are laid,  wagers set with chips, and then there’s a card reveal. The winner is determined by the opposing card and chip values, as well as indirect effects in play.

The world has been very nicely thought out and the game itself is four years in development. As well as the core  gameplay there is narrative progression. This lends a nice RPG element and sense of characters moving forward towards goals.

There are 22 daring heroes and wicked villains to choose from. The artwork is excellent and immersive, really giving life to the characters and the dangers around them.

From the campaign:

Ironrise is turn based, but players are engaged throughout the entire turn round, as they can influence not only the play of their ally, but also of their enemies. The game works with a team of Hero characters playing together against a team of Villain characters in a series of head-to-head challenges. The challenges are played using face down cards, wagering, asset management and manipulation.

The campaign is well underway, so load your six-shooter and get over to Kickstarter now!

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