Time for a quick overview of tabletop games, which will end their Kickstarter campaign shortly. In case you have missed any of these, have a look and back them before times runs out.

Dragon Keepers

Dragon Keepers is a game representing a battle between two powerful forces. The first is a group of evil hunters who want to destroy dragons for trophies and fame. The other group is the heroic dragon keepers who protect and train the dragons. Each player represents the chief of a specific tribe of dragon keepers who will defend the dragons from attacks by the evil hunters at all cost!

Flip & Find’s Diner

Flip and Find run a Diner that is in complete chaos. Orders are pouring in, and they can’t remember where they put their ingredients! In this memory game, players flip tiles to find the ingredients to complete orders. More difficult orders are worth more money, but if you can find a tip tile along with your ingredients, you can pocket some extra cash. Filling an order also gives you a one-time-use special ability, and the tougher the recipe, the better the reward.

Railroad Rivals

Railroad Rivals is a tile drafting and laying game where you build a Railroad Empire that stretches across America…and across your table. While playing Railroad Rivals, you will connect cities via the twelve great railroads that stretched across America, while simultaneously building your stock portfolio. You’ll use those railroads to make deliveries, resulting in driving up the price of stocks. At the end of the game, if you have run the most profitable railroad while also owning the most valuable stocks, you’ll become the greatest of all of the Railroad Rivals!

Deck Box Dungeons

Deck Box Dungeons is a full-featured dungeon crawler that includes character customization, special abilities, and collecting treasure to spend on magical items. All of the components fit into a deck box making it compact and highly portable. The free companion app allows us to rebalance quests based on feedback, add new content, or even add all-new game modes without the need for players to pay more.

Pocket Pharma

Designed by Kennerspiel des Jahres nominee Brett J. Gilbert, Pocket Pharma is an awesome pharmaceutical game in a pocket-sized box!

Which one will you get?

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