There’s not one of us reading this who doesn’t have ‘the bug’. The urge to grab something cool, geeky and game-y, be it rare or just plain awesome. To a greater or lesser degree, we are all meeple magpies. Well, now we can all indulge our impulse buying genes with King of Con, from Lega Nerd. Fittingly, it’s on Kickstarter right now!

The game centres around a huge convention, where players are hunters and scavengers of the rare and geeky. The aim of the game is, of course, to be crowned King of the Con and have the respect and admiration of the nerd community. It plays over 6 rounds, of 4 phases each.

Phase 1 sees the booths at the con reveal their drool-worthy items. Sword props, artefacts, models, games, you name it. Phase 2 has players flexing their impulse muscles and bid in secret auctions for these treasures. Phase 3 involves buying other items from stalls, or looting from opponents’ collections. The last phase is all about showing off the goods and gaining the benefits. Different characters have different passions, from sci-fi and fantasy, to mutations and super heroes.

From the Campaign:

The long-awaited annual convention will take place this weekend: nerds from all over the world will participate hunting for novelty rarities. You are the number one at what you do: it doesn’t matter whether it is a legendary fantasy artifact or a dried xenomorph, you have to get it at all costs. It’s the only way to gain the eternal respect of the nerd community and be crowned as the King of Con!

It looks fast, furious and lots of fun! King of Con has only just started on Kickstarter and is well on the way to smashing its funding goal. Want to see what stretch goals are in store? Head to Kickstarter now and dive in!

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