Nothing compares to the Japanese Katana when it comes to deadly grace and craftsmanship, requiring years of study, practice and meditation to become worthy of wielding it. There are stories, TV shows and movies, all demonstrating the breath-taking skill and speed of a duel where razor sharp Katana clash, but so very few games come close to emulate these battles.

Well, look no further, young warrior. This fourth game in the one-on-one card-based Lexicons of Duelling series, joining its Longsword, Rapier and Claymore brethren, features beautiful artwork and the same fast and bloody gameplay. Check it out on Kickstarter – your honour is at stake!

Lexicons of Duelling

From the campaign:

“A simple and complete card game that simulates martial combat in a most ingenious manner!
The system is the same, the rules are the same, but the style of fighting with the Japanese Katana is an art form. We are spending time with an Iaido dojo so that we are not just “making a guess” at the form and technique. We cannot show the true depth and nature of any martial styling in a card game, but we can show respect while translating what we can.”

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