It felt like an eternity drifting in the void of space, but now it’s here. The Pledge Manager, with the late pledge option, for Nemesis, by Awaken Realms, is finally up and running, bringing with it something chilling, terrifying, but oh, so awesome!

Nemesis has been one of the big success stories on Kickstarter and it’s easy to see why. A (semi) co-op space horror survival board game, where players are the crew of a stricken ship. They are desperately trying to get home, while surviving the xenomorph horrors stalking them. If you like the Alien movies, you will love this!  It achieved over £3 million in funding and rewarded support with an array of stretch goals to make any vicious alien drool. Well, most drool anyway, but still… And check out the added options such as Sundrop shaded (see below), or fully painted, miniatures.

Don’t believe me? Have a look now on Kickstarter.

Now tell me you’re not afraid of the dark.

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