Orcs have often been the unfortunates at the sharp end of adventures. Usually that of a sword. Portrayed as brutish, muscle-bound thugs, with fewer IQ points you could shake a bag of runes at. But they are good at one thing – fighting. If all the world is a stage, then these guys are the headlining metal act.  With Orc Quest – Warpath, they will show what they can do!

Crashing through the doors of Kickstarter from day one, Orc Quest – Warpath, from Maze games, sees 1-4 players take control of a mean Orc warband. This co-op dungeon crawl takes back the likes of Heroquest for the green team, taking on the hated humans. And when they come across them? Not daisy chains and be-sandaled fireside sing-a-longs, but skull-caving, limb-rending scraps. Lots of them!

Members of the warband are given three skill cards. Two of these are used for each Orc’s turn, be it movement, combat or a special skill. When doors are opened and rooms explored, dice are rolled to uncover what’s waiting inside. Treasure, traps, enemies or pleasant and unpleasant surprises await!

When it comes to brawling, power is the name of the game. Attack dice have swords in three colours. Yellow is a weedy tap, orange is a respectable night in casualty and red is just gut-bustingly brutal. Damage served up depends on the opponent’s resistance. The more damage done, the more of a badass the Orc. Kicking ass is rewarded with extra actions, so don’t pull those punches!

But raiding a dungeon isn’t exactly straightforward. The unexpected is right around every corner, often as a result of Orcs being…well, Orcs! Event cards are drawn after each activation and promise to mix things up every time.

But what about the (spits) humans? These guys aren’t going to stand around and be punchbags. The dungeons are crawling with patrols, who will react depending on the alert level. Unsurprisingly, the more corpses strewn about the more suspicious things appear.

From single scenarios to a full-on campaign, incredible miniatures and beautiful cards and boards, Orc Quest-Warpath looks like a bloody good romp. And stomp. And smash. And crush. And…you get the idea. It’s destroying its funding goals, so get to Kickstarter right now. Blood-curdling war cry optional.

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