You might have heard about and maybe even played the print & play adventure A4 Quest. The idea to fit a whole roleplaying adventure on a single page is genius, and with close to zero setup time, the game actually has plenty of depths and replayability. The success and amazing community support around A4 Quest push the guys from Board & Dice to work on more and now their first season called Page Quest is ready for more support and properly printed versions on Kickstarter.


About the campaign:

We want to welcome you to our next Board & Dice project. Here you will find 2 titles under a single brand called the Page Quest Series. These are: A4 Quest and Page Quest: Mythical Artifacts.

Both games build on the same mechanic, but each will provide you with something different… First of all, you’ll get a printed version of the already well-known game – A4 Quest. which has succeeded already in the PNP world by offering an engaging gameplay that fits on a single A4 printed sheet. You don’t need to prepare anything once it’s printed it’s ready to be played.

Additionally, you will be able to get access to our brand new project (which we hope will become huge and epic!) called Page Quest: Mythical Artifacts. This will be available as a monthly subscription of Print and Play materials. These will form something like a tv show aired in the even time frames.

Find out more on the official KS page.

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