Who doesn’t love a good detective story? The golden era was back in the 1930s, with murders, conspiracies and femme fatales sitting seductively on Gumshoes’ desks, drawing the hero into a web of danger and deceit …

Emerging from the dark and steamy suburbs, Pulp Detective offers the chance to grab your hat and gun, and head out in search of clues to bring criminals to justice. With beautiful artwork from the original pulp detective stories of the time, this is set to be something special. It’s out on Kickstarter now, so check it out!

From the Campaign:

“Pulp Detective is a card/dice/narrative game with a strong theme, that takes place in the middle of the 1930s, the golden age of pulp magazines and hardboiled movies, between the two world wars. The illustrations come from real pulp magazines covers (Black Mask, Detective Tales, Detective Fiction, Dime Detective, All Story Detective).

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