It’s cold outside and I am sure some of you are currently enjoying the school half-term together with friends and/or family on Europe’s ski slopes. And since we are talking about skiing, how about a card game based on exactly this winter sports activity? No need to drive to any ski slopes, just get the game and play wherever you want – once it successfully funded and launched.

Created by Ian Harris, Ski the Mountain Card Game just launch on Kickstarter. It combines Ian’s favourite hobbies, board games and skiing and is designed to easily fit into your luggage on your next winter holiday.

About the game:

The game requires you to score points as you ski the pistes on the mountain. You can score points in many ways:

  • Piste Cards. These cards allow you to collect Ski Runs
  • Run Cards. Once you have collected enough piste cards, exchange them for run cards. Run cards score points, give you the symbol links that help with other targets and show you where on the piste map the run is.
  • Target Cards. Each player has a target to complete which is represented by mountain restaurants, landmarks or experiences in the mountain. Targets also score points and each is symbol based and links to the run cards.
  • Grand Tour Cards. Each player has a set of runs to collect that incrementally add points as more are collected. Runs cards reference the Grand Tour to make it easier. This is harder than it looks, but adds lots of points.
  • Special Cards. As runs are collected some combinations allow you to take a special card. These vary in each game and add a new edge to collecting runs, adding significant points if you get it right.
  • Bonus Cards. The first player to complete a number of coloured runs to visit restaurants receives a bonus. The race is on to get these.
  • Event Cards. Each player has a few fun event cards that can add points, stop your opponent or just change the dynamics of the game.

Find more information on Kickstarter.

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