“Over the souls of men spread the condor wings of colossal monsters and all manner of evil things prey upon the heart and soul and body of Man…” (Robert E Howard)

Puritans. The party animals of the 17th century and the go-to guys when you need a beer, a laugh and a ticket to Feel-Good Central. Perhaps not then. Dour, brooding and mirthless, these chaps brought the good word across the land back in the day. None were more grumpsome than Solomon Kane, Robert E Howard’s fictional demon hunter, brought to the board by Mythic Games.

Gameplay centres around the titular hero, as he crusades against evil and his arch nemesis, The Darkness (not the band). Up to four players take control of the four cardinal virtues – Courage, Justice, Temperance and Prudence. They aid Solomon through his many dark and dangerous adventures, offering unique skills and abilities. Working together co-operatively is key to success, as some of the tasks ahead promise to be devious indeed. There is optional solo play available for those wishing to fight alone in dark candlelit nights. With rapier and pistol, the man with no smile battles, journeys and scowls through three complete adventures. Each of these have three acts and 10 chapters each. Now that’s a lot of game time, with more on offer with add-ons.

The trailer on Kickstarter immediately tells you that something pretty special is coming to the tabletop. The lavish marketing is matched by the quality inside the box, with great attention to detail. There really is a lot packed inside, so be prepared for one of those shelf-stealing packages when it arrives. Map tiles and dashboards are beautiful and the detail on the miniatures are probably some of the best we’ve seen to date. Gameplay is immersed in thematic dark and broodiness, with many a nod to the original source material.

With seven days to go, the funding goal has been destroyed as if an evil minion knocked over Solomon’s pint (probably of milk). So have a look at the Kickstarter page  now, and prepare to repent!

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