Awaken Realms are fast becoming a by-word in top gaming quality. By referencing games such as Lords of Hellas, The Edge: Downfall and Nemesis, you will know what I mean. Theme, immersion and beautiful components are all big ticks in community-demanded boxes here. The latest offering throws you into a world of murk, grime, mists and danger, all wrapped up with a bow of reimagined Celtic and Arthurian Legends. Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, currently up on Kickstarter, looks to deliver in thrilling shovelfuls.

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is a story-driven 1-4 player co-op game.  Designed by Krzysztof Piskorski and Marcin Świerkot, dark adventures, decisions and their consequences drive player through the land of Avalon. Rather than roll dice, move, roll dice, etc. Avalon’s world offers over 100,000 words of branching story scripts, and a lot of consideration of what to do next. Multiple paths to goals and character development options promise variety and replayability, as players fight, negotiate and explore the beautiful landscape.

Did I say beautiful? I need to search the thesaurus to find clever words to give the artwork justice. It’s stunning. Our KS copy of Nemesis landed recently and inside was a free hardback book, showing off the artwork within Tainted Grail. As I said earlier, Awaken Realms games offer great immersion and here they’ve nailed it again, absolutely. Big shout out to the miniatures as well, that look incredibly detailed and will be a treat for those wishing to paint them.

Snippets of gameplay suggest it isn’t going to be a plodding grind, nor a table hog. The decisions to be taken may involve all players, so little chance of redundancy between rounds.

This campaign is already set to be on of the most successful on Kickstarter and the pledges keep rolling in. Not surprising as there are some very generous looking stretch goals, as well as the mighty base game.

This looks to be a thrilling and tense game, full of depth and atmosphere, so well worth checking out. See it on Kickstarter here and decide for yourself if you want to jump onto the ‘Grail Train.’

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