Did you miss the original Kickstarter campaign for The City of Kings and would love to have a copy of this highly rated game? If you want to play right now, you still need try and get hold of one of the original KS copies. But if you can wait until January 2019, you should head over to Kickstarter and check out the new The City of Kings: Ancient Allies and Vadoran Gardens campaign.

The City of Kings - Setup

Beside the base game, you can also secure the four new World Packs:

  • Character Pack 1: Yanna & Kuma
  • Character Pack 2: Rapuil & Neoba
  • Side Quest Pack 1
  • Hero Pack

And last but not least, publisher The City of Games is offering a new standalone game, Vadoran Gardens for the very first time!

About the game:

The City of Kings is a fully cooperative fantasy adventure board game. You and up to 3 friends play the roles of the surviving leaders and must defeat the armies of Vesh over a series of 7 stories. Each story offers a unique puzzle and has optional objectives depending on how long you want to play.

The game features full character customisation, worker management, board exploration, roleplaying-style quests and strategic combat designed for replayability. Experience dice free combat and battle against more than 10,000,000 uniquely generated creatures on a map that has 1,000’s of possible layouts, using characters you create by choosing from over 100 different options.

Find more details here.

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