The Tiny Epic series is back and this time Gamelyn Games have brought Zombies!

Expect the same amazing gameplay and quality as all the other Tiny Epic titles, as the undead stagger and lurch in search of flesh and brains! There are lots of gameplay options, including playing as the zombies themselves!

Just take a look at the campaign and you’ll quickly see why this is so high on our list of wants! Shuffle yourselves to Kickstarter now!

From the campaign:

“An unthinkable crisis has struck the Echo Ridge Mall. A mysterious outbreak has claimed the lives of nearly everyone there… what’s worse is they are crawling the stores and commons as Zombies hungry for flesh. Only a few Survivors remain. Are you among the Survivors? Or are you one of the ravenous Zombies? The choice is yours in Tiny Epic Zombies!

Tiny Epic Zombies Box

In Tiny Epic Zombies, survivors are always on the run, collecting weapons, killing Zombies and working toward completing objectives. Completing 3 objectives can win you the game but if you’re too focused on the objectives, the Zombies will overrun the mall and that will be the end of you.”

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