Playing with amazing 3D miniatures on a flat 2D game board requires some imagination to transform your gaming session into a full-blown adventure. And while imagination is something great to have, sometimes we want to full experience with a little less afford. So how about a 3D game board?

Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical boardgame based on the video game Saint’s Row – Agents of Mayhem. And when Academy Games say that it is a 3D game, they don’t only talk about great miniatures, but also a multi-level board.

agents of mayhem 3d board
Kickstarter campaign image


Kickstarter details:

Agents of Mayhem – Pride of Babylon is a team vs. team skirmish boardgame for 2 to 4 players. The game is played on a modular 3D board that is fully destructible. You and your opponents will play through a radiant story where every choice you make will have effects that ripple throughout the campaign. Play as either LEGION, an organization of super villains who have taken over the world, or as MAYHEM, a band of anti-heroes who will do what ever it takes to stop LEGION.

3D BOARD! – Play on a board made of modular tiles with 3D multi-level buildings that are up to 240mm high! Use the buildings as cover or to dodge an attack by jumping behind a wall. Take the high ground to gain elevation advantages and attack bonuses against your enemies. The modular tiles allow you to make hundreds of different game maps.

Destructible Terrain – You can drive enemies from behind cover by triggering explosions. These explosions and your attacks will often cause damage to a building which will eventually cause it to collapse.

And there is much more to explore, so head over to their official Kickstarter page.

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