It doesn’t always have to be 100+ miniatures, thousands of cards or quantity in general to be a successful game on Kickstarter. At first glance Arkon by Hill Gaming Company seems to be a little on the light side when it comes to content, but after reading the overview, 52 cards seems to be all you need to have a fun experience. We haven’t played the strategy card game yet, but love the artwork and general concept.

Arkon Kickstarter

Kickstarter details:

Arkon is a fast paced strategy card game, played from one central deck of 52 cards. Players must win clans, either through an interactive bidding process, that functions like an silent auction, or through using their cards as actions, to take other players clans.

Arkon hinges around a few central dynamics. First, cards can be played in multiple ways. Players will constantly be challenged to make tradeoffs, as they choose whether to use a card for some sort of advantage, keep it as a counter or use the card for its influence value to win a bid and move the player closer to winning the game.

Next, Arkon employs a resource system based around silent auction bidding. Because all cards double as influence, and winning bids is a key component of your victory condition, Arkon reduces the “dead card in hand” phenomenon.

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