Publisher Ares Games, well-known for their Sails of Glory and Wings of Glory lines, will shortly add another tactical  miniature combat game to their portfolio. This time one for the sci-fi fans among us.

Created by the same designers of the popular Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory game systems (Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini), Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles will feature ready to play, painted and assembled miniatures, with a special base to support its unique game mechanics. Players will take control of one or more Colonial and Cylon ships, and face each other in furious dogfights and many other different kinds of missions.

Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles playtest
Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles: early prototype playtest


At the moment Ares Games didn’t announce a release date, but it is scheduled to be first presented to the public at Gen Con 2018 (August 2-5, Indianapolis).

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