Since it first rampaged onto our tabletops, Blood Bowl has remained a firm fan favourite and arguably one of Games Workshop’s finest productions.

The American football-based fantasy game of blood, guts and sheer carnage has not yet been surpassed. For a sports game its depth is incredible and although it has a few minor frustrations, the laugh-out-loud brutality involved and the sense of achievement at scoring a touchdown outweigh these niggles.

But games can be long, as there’s a lot going on out there on the pitch. That looks set to change with GW’s new Blitz Bowl, set to be released later this year. With a smaller pitch, six players per side instead of 12 and a more of a focus on card-based gameplay, games can now be as short as 40 minutes.

The actual gameplay and any similarities or differences to the full game will be formally revealed by GW in time. Get set for even faster, more furious gameplay, and remember, have fun out there!

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