Dungeon Crusade – Book I: Genesis of Evil was successfully funded on Kickstarter in June 2016 and it was meant to ship to backers last year.  As with many other KS games, development and production took (much) longer than expected and adventurers across the world are waiting patiently to finally venture into the deepest dungeons for fame and loot.

Dungeon Crusade - Fight
Dungeon Crusade – Fight

The long wait seems to be worth and the designers are keeping the community up to date with long and details updates. The latest finally states that the end of the dungeon development tunnel is just behind a few more development doors. The amount of tiles, quests and cards  etc. which will be shipped in hopefully a few weeks/months, is unbelievable and looks like the dream of many RPG fans. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at the official Facebook page and dive into details and videos.


Dungeon Crusade - All the goodness
Dungeon Crusade – All the goodness


And if you want to become an adventurer in the world of Avalon, there is still time to pre-order.

About the game:

Welcome to the world of Avalon!

Dungeon Crusade is a solo/co-operative, sandbox dungeon crawl. Inspired by the classic age of board games, role-playing games and video games but fitted with new and fresh mechanics.

In Dungeon Crusade your party will enter an ancient dungeon located beneath a village to stem the tide of evil beleaguering the poor villagers. Each time you visit the dungeon you will have an over arching goal that you need to achieve, but you can also pick up side quests and even some odd jobs from the tavern to further modify your adventure!

Six stalwart Heroes are accompanied by their trusty fetch hound Albus. Each Hero has strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to decide if you will split the party to cover more ground or stick together in case a larger threat presents itself…

In the dungeon you will encounter wandering monsters who move about the board. Beware! These monsters might turn into raiding monsters and make their way to the village.

You can mine for minerals to craft enhancements for your weapons. Seek out and hunt down rare and legendary artifacts. You can also send Albus back to the village to get a potion in a pinch.

If your quest is successful then the village celebrates in your honor, throws you a grand feast and presents your party with gifts. You can shop around for new gear from the ever changing marketplace, gamble some gold in the house of chance, visit a temple and pray for assistance and more!

Don’t get too comfortable because evil never rests and you’ll find yourself back in the dungeon facing tougher challenges but hopefully better armed!

I can’t wait to go onto the first Dungeon Crusade!

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