Back from the dead, Dracula has risen! Wizkid Games’ long awaited 4th edition of Fury of Dracula has been announced for a July release. He’ll need some hefty suncream then…

This classic man (bat) hunting game has been wildly popular since its first incarnation from Games Workshop in 1987. Tracking down the elusive fleeing Count as he sets traps in his wake, gives tense and exciting gameplay. The third edition, published by Fantasy Flight Games, was arguably the best version and has seen prices soar since going out of print. Boasting a lavish board map of 19th century Europe and beautifully illustrated cards, the third edition will be hard to beat.

The Wizkids version retains the earlier box artwork, but includes fully painted miniatures and larger poker-sized cards. Nothing has been confirmed regarding any changes to gameplay as yet, but notable is the cost. Wizkids will place a price tag of $59.99 (£41) on the whole thing, almost as irresistible as the scent of blood to the Count himself!

More news will come soon. In the meantime, beware the sinking sun and the coming of night!

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