Only one more week to go before the Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Pledge Manager will close its doors. If you are a miniature and/or war game fan, you should have a look at the Late Pledge page to learn more about the game and to have a look at the 400+ miniatures you will get for the initial $120 Maiden Pledge. If you want more, you can go all in and fill a full shelve with boxes full of war game goodness.

Joan of Arc - Maiden Pledge
Joan of Arc – Maiden Pledge

About the game:

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a miniatures board game of dark Medieval fantasy, narrative adventures, and historical battles. It is a game set to the backdrop of the Hundred Years War; one that blends the history of the period with the beliefs of the people who lived at the time, allowing the game to explore both the historical and the fantastical. Along with a simple, order-based, area activation system, modular boards, and two modes of play; Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a board gaming experience unparalleled in its richness, depth, and diversity.

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