Last November Time of Legends: Joan of Arc raised $2.1 million during its Kickstarter campaign and nearly ten thousand board game fans have been waiting for the pledge manager to launch. The wait is finally over and backers can now lock in their pledges, order more expansions and other goodies on In case you missed the KS campaign, now is your chance to get in as well. The Late Maiden Pledge gives you a core box and all of the unlocked stretch goals (minus some super KS exclusives). $120 + shipping will buy you over 400 highly detailed Legendary Scale miniatures. Have a look and let us know in the comments if you will join the Hundred Years War in December.

JoA - Maiden Pledge
400 miniatures ready for battle!

About the game:

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a miniatures board game of dark medieval fantasy, narrative adventures, and historical battles. It is a game set to the backdrop of the Hundred Years War; one that blends the history of the period with the beliefs of the people who lived at the time, allowing the game to explore both the historical and the fantastical. Along with a simple, order-based, area activation system, modular boards, and two modes of play; Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a board gaming experience unparalleled in its richness, depth, and diversity.

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