Get your drinks ready, Moonshiners of the Apocalypse is hitting Kickstarter this quarter.

Moonshiners Setup

Moonshiners, designed by 2Fat2Fly, will be a full-scale 4x game, set in a post-apocalyptic 1920’s. As players, we will fight off the depressed, crazy or simply unhappy mob while trying to explore and re-build Shanty Town at the same time. Sounds pretty normal? It would be if fighting wouldn’t mean drinking and items like the Dirty Used Knickers wouldn’t fill your inventory. Have a look at the official website for more details and get ready to claim your copy once the KS campaign will launch.

Moonshiners Item

About the game:

A morally questionable, not-so-cooperative mashup of town-building, 4x, and just a tad of dice combat for 2-4 players.

Set in an alternative, post-apocalyptic 1920’s, players in “Moonshiners” compete to explore and re-build the deserted “Shanty Town” while fighting off hordes of disgruntled Drunkards that roam the town looking for trouble. Did I say fight? I meant drink them under the table. Arm yourself with a crate of the strongest booze and start drinking, because any unchallenged enemy will hunt you down and mess with your precious achievements.

Planned components:

1 Large and Awesome Board
4 Hero Mats
4 Plastic Hero Miniatures
12 Drunkard Standees (Enemies)
20 Building Hex Tiles
150 Cards of all colors, sizes and assortments
115 Chits and Tokens (junk, corn, moonshine and gold)
12 Customized Dice
80 Survivor Meeples (in 4 colors)
80 Wood Houses (in 4 colors)
12 Plastic Bases for Standees
1 Rulebook

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