Aliens Board Game

“Sir, is this going to be a stand-up fight, or another bug hunt?”

Gale Force Nine are releasing Aliens – The Board Game in September 2018. Now, if that doesn’t make you sit up as if your motion detector has picked up movement, I don’t know what will.

There’s very little additional information available at this point and a lot of speculation. It appears to be a co-operative game, which makes sense, but that’s just about it. If this game really is based on the second (and best in my view), James Cameron movie, we can expect suspense, shocks, pulse rifles, robot sentries and even perhaps a shotgun – for close encounters.

“Marines! We are Leaving!”

It’s interesting to think what type of game model this might be similar to. Lots of miniatures?  A traitor element?  Zombicide-esque swarming of aliens? Corridors and missions like Space Hulk? App-based? Something completely new? Games have come a long way since the original Aliens movie game in the ’80s, with new mechanics and amazing artwork developing all the time.

Gale Force Nine have Star Trek Ascendency and Firefly the Game in their portfolio, so we can be sure that Aliens the Board Game will be something special.

So, mere speculation at this point as a I said, but September is not that far away. Keep your eye on the Gale Force Nine site (and, of course, Game-Mountain), for further developments. Just another glorious day in the Corps!

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