Not all patients can be cured—or want to be …

Fantasy Flight Games has been busy with new announcements and the latest addition is for all Arkham Horror fans: To Fight the Black Wind, a new novella by Jennifer Brozek is set in the Arkham Horror Files universe and will contain four exclusive cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Arkham Horror To Fight the Black Wind
To Fight the Black Wind novella and cards

From the official announcement:

Psychologist Carolyn Fern’s newest patient suffers from nightmares that leave glyph-shaped wounds across her skin. The case is odd, even for an institution like Arkham Sanatorium, where the unusual becomes the everyday. Things become even more complicated after the young woman claims to have met Malachi—Carolyn’s former patient whose treatment was cut short when he was brutally murdered—in her dreams. What is the link between the two, and how can Carolyn help a patient who, it seems, does not wish to be cured?

Find more details here.

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