Fantasy Flight Games is busy as a bee this months. Not only will they launch Start Wars: Legions on March 22nd, they also look after their huge Android: Netrunner community in form of a new expansion. Council of the Crest, the third Data Pack in the Kitara Cycle, is now available at retail and via the FFG website.

Android: Netrunner Council of the Crest
Council of the Crest

About the game:

Council of the Crest features three copies of twenty new cards and gives the runners the new tools to indirectly impact the corps’ defenses, including deadly virus proliferation and a new Sunny Lebeau card that initiates a risky trace. Meanwhile, the corp finds new ways to toy with the runner by using their own tools against them or forcing a dangerous second encounter with the same piece of ice. Find the power you need to score and steal agendas with the tools provided in the Council of the Crest Data Pack. If you want to find out more before you spend the money, follow this link.

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