“Go, go, Power Rangers!” I remember this show from my student days. It was one of those things you had to stop and watch if it was on TV, whether you were passing through to make a brew whilst cramming for finals, or returning from the kitchen with a large packet of crisps. Fun, bizarre, predictable and yet ever-present on the screen. Like Saved by the Bell. Over two decades later, Power Rangers has gone from strength to strength, delighting kids – young and old.

Well, Power Rangers is now joining the ever-growing list of shows and movies that are being graced with a tabletop game version. An announcement has been made by Renegade Studios that they are working with the Saban brand in order to produce a game, but have been tight-lipped about pretty much everything else.

Whether it will be a deck builder, miniature based, both or something completely new remains to be seen, but it promises to be a fan favourite. Keep your eyes peeled for further news.

From the announcement:

Inspired by the iconic, 25-year franchise, the upcoming tabletop games will be focused on fan experiences that uphold the Power Rangers’ brand core values of teamwork, inclusivity, and diversity.  Featuring the globally recognized Rangers as well as well known villains, locations, and more, these games will reward super fans and also, intrigue players who have recently been introduced to the brand.

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