Fantasy Flight Games is know for great board games based in the Star Wars universe – the X-Wing Miniature series, Star Wars: Rebellion and Star Wars: Armada being just a few of them. The latest addition is not a miniature game, but a sourcebook for their roleplaying game Star Wars: Force and Destiny, called Knights of Fate. The book is scheduled for Q2/2018 and can be pre-ordered via retail or the FFG website.

SW Knights of Fate

Official announcement:

“From the earliest days of its inception, the Jedi Order has defended even the farthest reaches of the galaxy from chaos and darkness. Often equipped with little more than their legendary lightsabers and a lifetime of training, Jedi Knights defended the weak and vulnerable by the strength of their arms when the avenues of wise guidance and diplomacy fell short. For thousands of years, these champions of the light struggled tirelessly for justice and peace.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Knights of Fate, a new sourcebook for Force and Destiny, focusing on the Warrior career and providing new specialization trees, species, gear, and narrative components to bolster the masters of battle in your campaigns …”

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