What do you get when you combine something like Rising Sun with Mechs? And fighter ships? You get a cloth to wipe off the drool. Or, of course, check out Starship Samurai from Plaid Hat Games.

It started as a name-drop last year, but now Plaid Hat had officially announced Starship Samurai in all its glory. And it’s coming to retail very soon. No Kickstarter pledges, add-on angst and faces pressed up to the window, waiting for Postie….well, maybe the latter.

Gameplay will be galactic area control, mixing  Japanese history with a heavy metal dose of fully armed mechs and space combat. Players will lead of one of four clans, fighting in skirmish battles and playing dark and dangerous political games. There are eight smaller clans to flirt with and seek loyalty from, offering rewards to aid the rise to power. The aim is to destroy all upstart rivals and take the throne of the Lotus Galaxy.

The board, components and the miniatures are incredibly detailed and are dripping with theme. You will recognise designer Isaac Vega from games such as Dead of Winter and Ashes, so it’s a safe bet this is going to be an exciting ride.

“As the leader of your clan, you will command massive fleets used to seize key locations and battle your enemies. Play battle cards to sway the outcome of each conflict in your favor and destroy your enemy’s fleet. But war is not the only path to victory. You will need to spend your resources and political influence to manipulate the lesser clans to aid you in your quest to claim the throne. Each lesser clan you sway to your Alliance Track will further strengthen your clan’s supremacy.”

Rules are available for download on the game site and further updates are scheduled. Pre-orders are already being taken, so get to the Plaid Hat site now and have a look!

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