Think of a female video game character. Bet you all the gold in the Temple of Osiris the name Lara Croft came to mind first. The gritty treasure hunter has four video game incarnations, from the PS1 era sensation, to the, well, sensational rebooted version. Yeah, the films weren’t great, so we’ll gloss over those perhaps.

Just when you thought the tombs around the world could slumber and fester in peace, Ms Croft is back. This time she’s rocking a new board game and at first glance it looks amazing.

Publisher Square Enix is working with developer Hobby Japan to bring Tomb Raider Legends to the tabletop. It’ll feature all four Laras, from the polygon textured explorer to the one taking Bear Grylls to the cleaners. More details are yet to be announced, but pictures show action and artifact cards, player boards and a circular main board. Lara(s) will tackle a variety of threats and dangers, take injuries and players will be able to steal cards from each other. Surely the real Lara would never be so un-sportsmanlike!

Square Enix has stated the game is set for a Q1 2019 release and there’s no sign of a Kickstarter campaign either. Straight to retail perhaps? More shall be revealed as the mists of time and legend slowly recede.


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