What we do …

We love to play board games and take the speed out of day-to-day life! Modern games have involved into entertainment masterpieces and we see it as our passion to share our thoughts, ideas and ratings with like-minded board gamers around the globe.

At least for now, is a fan-project and we play, write and design whenever the busy family and work life allows a few free minutes.

We cover:

Our ratings …

Arguably the most controversial part at Game-Mountain are our ratings. While we try to be as open-minded and objective as possible, ratings will always be a little subjective and flavoured with personal opinion. Our intent is still to give you a good and broad overview of different board, card and miniature games to help find the best fit for you.

Rating Guide

  • 1-3  Don’t Bother
  • 4-5 – Some potential, but could be so much better
  • 6 – A good game for core genre fans
  • 7 – A good game for a broader fan-base
  • 8 – A great game, you won’t be disappointed
  • 9 – Outstanding!
  • 10 – Is there anything better than Outstanding?