Skim the web for opinions on this game and you will find yourself knee deep in a warm, fuzzy love affair between the gaming community and this now infamous release. Truth be told, I followed it’s climb to stardom with great interest since it’s release back in 2015 and with the self assured hype now surrounding this game, I wanted to dedicate my review to one question. What’s all the rage around Blood Rage?


Players take control of either the Bear, Raven, Serpent or Wolf clan in an attempt to gain victory points. Victory points are acquired through securing territories, completing quests, winning battles or dying gloriously in one of three apocalyptic Ragnaroks that take place throughout a single game. Welcome to Blood Rage…

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As ever with CMON, what is included in the box boasts both excellent value and excellent build quality. Each clan has been bestowed its own sculpts along with a stunning array of monster miniatures that players can unlock throughout the game. The artwork used on the various tokens, clan sheets and inherent cards are strong with the gaming board itself falling a little short against recent releases such as Mythic Battles: Pantheon, although this is purely subjective. Box organisation is suitably epic in the form of perfectly shaped subsections along with an all-important clear and visually appealing rulebook.

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Players are given action points allowing clans to invade, march, upgrade, pillage and quest in an attempt to acquire victory points. Combat is resolved by simply adding up the combined values of participating miniatures, with both players then tactfully playing a single card face down that effects that battle in a fun and thematic way. Throughout a turn, players can also spend action points on deploying other cards from their hand such as quests which might require a clan to secure a cluster of territories before the impending Ragnarok.

Game Setup

Gameplay beautifully straddles a tactical approach with a subtle helping of luck in terms of acquiring cards and deploying cards as described above. While many bonuses play on crushing your enemies, other cards play on intelligence or the requirement to predict your opponents next move in a game of bluff.

Final Thoughts

Blood Rage feels like a distant descendant of Risk except with a modern, hyper sleek mechanic that puts this title at the top of its field. With a massive influx in board games that I think we are ALL enjoying (!?), Blood Rage feels refreshing in that it carries a genuine pedigree that radiates against other titles that might not be quite as refined. While hard to fault, some players might struggle to click with its naturally aggressive theme or its relatively ‘simple’ mechanic when compared to other wargames such as Age of Sigmar and co. That aside, if the tone and world of Blood Rage appear remotely attractive to your sober self, Blood Rage is a must buy that can present you with hours and hours of gameplay. The rage around Blood Rage is justified and if you have got this far in my review, you’re just one step away from succumbing to it. I’ll see you on the battlefield.

“Blood Rage is a must buy that can present you with hours and hours of gameplay.”


  • Release: 2015
  • Genre: Miniature Stretegy Game
  • Players: 2-4
  • Age: 14+
  • Playtime: 60-90 minutes
  • Setup Time: Quick
  • Publisher: CMON
  • Play this if you like: Risk

Blood Rage




Component Quality


Rules Quality




Value for Money


The Good

  • Great miniatures
  • Thematic gameplay
  • Slick mechanics
  • Easy to learn
  • Quick setup time

The Bad

  • Thin clan sheets
  • Brittle coloured bases

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